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Affirms in Supreme Court

21 March 2018

The attorney general said "all this will be explained by the CEO of the UIDAI in his presentation tomorrow and moreover, aggregation of data is not possible in Aadhaar".

"The top lawyer also offered to show the complex in a four-minute video for the judges by Ajay Bhushan Pandey, the CEO of the UIDAI, the authority that issues the 12-digit Aadhaar ID". However, the petitioner said that he was not speaking on behalf of all Christians.

The Supreme Court, which is hearing a slew of petitions on the Constitutional validity of Aadhar, was on Tuesday faced with a peculiar petition by a devout Christian' seeking exemption from submitting biometric data citing "religious belief".

Referring to the judgements, he said it has been held that right to life does not mean "mere animal" existence, but rather, it is a right to live with dignity.

One deals with rights like Right to Food and Right to Education and the other pertains to Freedom of Conscience and Right to Privacy, Venugopal said.

To this, Justice Chandrachud asked whether the government considers privacy not a fundamental right for the poor.

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During the hearing in the Aadhaar case on Wednesday, Attorney General KK Venugopal told the Supreme Court that proper security measures have been adopted to ensure that Aadhaar data is not leaked from data centers in any form.

The Supreme Court on Wednesday asked the Central government that if Aadhaar was an instrument of establishing the identity of a person, then what was need for storing data in a centralised repository and linking the unique identification with everything. "The employee pension scheme deals with pension earned by employees after rendering services", the bench said, adding that forcing such employees at the age of 70 or 80 to go for Aadhaar would fall under the ambit of "exclusion". Even China is less corrupt, he said, quoting the report of Privacy International and said that something was to be dome. He said that all efforts have been made to ensure Aadhaar data remains safe and secure.

Sixty committees were constituted to study the scheme before the Aadhaar Act was enforced in 2016.

Venugopal said no affected person has come to the court but it was only the NGOs who have come complaining. The arguments will continue on Thursday.

It asked the Centre whether it could impose a scheme on citizens, who should be given an alternative to exit from the scheme, and whether data on individuals collected before the Aadhaar Act was put in 2016 shouldn't be destroyed.

Affirms in Supreme Court