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'I'll control my own guns': NRA reinforces stance amid National Student Walkout

15 March 2018

In 1999, the NRA's position was that guns didn't belong in schools, certainly not in the possession of teachers. The Parkland survivors have called "BS" on the learned helplessness behind the social and political passivity in the face of a public epidemic of gun violence.

Even if only a relative handful of the nation's millions of students actually stand up and head out the door for Wednesday morning's #NeverAgain protest to demand gun-safety reform, the Wayne LaPierre crowd should be anxious.

Beyond the psychological trauma such attacks inflict, these shootings have a profound effect on academic success rates. Young people can see that the the NRA is pulling the strings on the legislators who are supposed to protect them, and they're calling them out.

As one might imagine, the Democratic governor's words did not go over well with the National Rifle Association. Even those without money to give to the NRA to prevent restrictive gun laws should be allowed to protest what they feel is the undue influence of a lobby whose prime objective is to sell guns to the American public. More than 50 Americans die each day from gun suicide, a toll that represents about two-thirds of America's total gun deaths.

It deploys familiar tropes to distract from tragedies.

"There was an outpouring of thoughts and prayers", Amo said.

The students warned the powerful gun lobby in their New York Times piece that they "are Generation Z, the generation after millennials.We outnumber them by almost one million and may be the largest cohort of future American spenders since the baby boomers".

But murdered kids are political.

"You referenced Sandy Hook".

It's an all-too-familiar story for Americans and, by global comparison, a unique one at that.

Things need to change, and it should come from both sides of the debate.

After every evildoer uses guns in a negative way, the same gun grabbers shout incoherently for "gun control" but never seem to settle on specifics. The process for an individual with no record to buy a rifle (including an AR-15) is way too easy.

Robert Spitzer: That's true, you're absolutely right that school shootings or mass shootings are vanishingly small in other countries compared to the United States, and that's why we should be talking about it, that's why we should be taking steps, but again, I would emphasize that statistically public schools are very safe places, we ought not to panic, we should look at what the best policy options are and proceed in that way. It does not address the topic of gun control. The NRA, as well as numerous politicians associated with it, are facing significant pressure to act. This leads to a sense of powerlessness and behavioral passivity and inaction, due to the belief that nothing can be done to stop another occurrence.

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What are your thoughts on this proposal to raise the legal age to purchase assault weapons?

With the tariffs on aluminum and steel that the President announced last week being practically the sole exception, the Trump Administration has governed in accordance with G.O.P. orthodoxy.

A few NRA-affiliated staffers took a more aggressive tone, mocking the students participating in the walkout directly.

As a result of these efforts, the students are presenting important, emotionally powerful counter-narratives to those of the gun lobby.

I also have friends who want gun control.

They are also forming a coalition in opposition to the well-organised 2 to 4 million members of the NRA and affiliated organisations.

Since this is, unfortunately, the world we live in, it's time to get responsible and protect our loved ones.

What didn't change were the gun laws, she said.

While it is inevitable that media attention will eventually wane, the students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas and around the country have access to tools - such as social media - that circumvent traditional outlets.

Trump drew some Republican backing, with Sen.

These tactics reinvigorate the Democratic base and ratchet up the pressure on the Republicans, already jittery following a string of shock political losses.

Trump's recommendations also fall short of some of the ideas he'd discussed during multiple hour-long meetings in front of news cameras, including a stronger background check system and the suggestion that guns should be taken from people considered unsafe without first seeking a court order.

George Rennie is a lecturer in American Politics and Lobbying Strategies at the University of Melbourne.

'I'll control my own guns': NRA reinforces stance amid National Student Walkout