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How to Find Bike Sharing Stations with Apple Maps

13 March 2018

Apple isn't starting from zero as the company had already integrated some bike-sharing data in a handful of cities.

Divvy stations in Chicago are now a part of a bike-sharing data app. The feature is now live and helps you find the nearest station by typing "bike sharing" in the search bar or the name of the service. For the full list of available bike sharing services, check out the images below.

Still, it's a step up over what information Apple Maps did offer in the past and is likely to be useful for casual bike-share users who are in the Apple universe and want quick information on bike services offered in different cities.

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As reported by TechCrunch, Apple was able to seamlessly include information for many bike sharing services by integrating the data from Ito World, instead of doing the work on its own.

Launched late previous year, Ito World's bike share data feed is the first commercially available, global bike sharing data set provided as a single feed. It doesn't tell you if a startup is operating a dock-less bike-sharing service in that city, so you'll have to open the Mobike, Ofo or oBike app yourself. But if all you need is to know if there are bike sharing stations nearby, Apple Maps covers the basics.

How to Find Bike Sharing Stations with Apple Maps