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Fitbit Versa smartwatch brings women's health tracking and a curvier design

13 March 2018

For starters, it sports a heart rate monitor and is waterproof so that you can track your swims as well. Fitbit's designed the Versa to be comfortable for any wearer, irrespective of wrist size. The sensor has the potential to track blood oxygen levels, which can be applied to monitoring health conditions such as sleep apnoea.

The main attraction is, of course, the Fitbit Versa.

To be clear, Fitbit isn't pitching the Versa as a woman's-only smartwatch, but for everyone-women, men, parents, and kids. Fitbit promises it won't send you an obvious, embarrassing notification about it. "You wearing Fitbit Versa, Fitbit's intuitive new smartwatch that's packed with health and fitness features", said Fitbit. The Fitbit Versa is the company's attempt to recapture the portion of the fitness market they had lost to Apple, and it certainly seems as if they're positioned to do just that. It's worth noting that these will become available across all Fitbit devices, but with a custom experience for Versa and Ionic owners. Fitbit is hoping to change that with their newly announced Fitbit Versa, a watch that might actually give Apple a run.

The Fitbit Ace, meanwhile, is the first Fitbit device for kids aged eight and up.

While many of Pebble's smartwatches were characterised by playful rounded corners and refined edges, the Ionic was considerably more utilitarian in design, with a boxy display and sharp corners. Apple has always been lauded for their design and aesthetics, so it's no wonder that Fitbit is taking a note out of their playbook with the release of the Fitbit Versa. Running the show is Fitbit OS, and the device will need an accompanying app on iPhone or Android to work. At the time when Apple Watch is ruling the wearable section, we can also call Fitbit Versa a cheaper alternate of that.

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It has numerous same features as the Ionic, and some new ones, too.

Fitbit boasts "more than 550 apps", which doesn't quite compete with the likes of the Apple Watch, but it does include big names, like Flipboard, Hue Lights, Nest, Strava, Surfline, Weather and Yelp.

The Fitbit Versa is the company's effort to reach a larger audience with their devices - with a particular focus on women. The dashboard will then forecast future cycles, including ovulation windows, and eventually offer insight into trends, such as how your cycle affects your weight.

The Versa is Fitbit's second wearable built on the Pebble software platform, after its acquisition of Pebble's "key assets" in 2016. It features up to 5 days of battery life, 10 unique clock faces, and two fun interchangeable bands in electric blue and power purple. Men, in fact, won't see these features at all unless they add a female tracking tile to the app by long-pressing a dashboard tile. The Versa is available to preorder at Fitbit's store and select online retailers from today.

Speaking of playing your favorite tunes on your wrist, the Fitbit Versa and Ionic are both getting Deezer global offline streaming... with a subscription and external headphones.

Fitbit Versa smartwatch brings women's health tracking and a curvier design