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Driver flees from crash as witnesses chase him

13 March 2018

Right away, we see a couple of people get in front of the vehicle and tell Lagutenko to stop while trying to open his doors. During his initial attempt to run, he was approached by two people trying to stop the driver from leaving by shouting and banging on the window.

The incident happened on Biscayne Boulevard and Northeast 36th Street. The cause of the wreck is unknown.

In the video, one man screams "don't move", but the driver refuses to heed his words and attempts to run.

Police said Lagutenko was arrested after a Fire Rescue crew that was treating him stopped at the crash site and asked the officer who was taking the accident report whether their patient was involved in the crash.

The driver remains obstinate in his resolve to leave and refuses to budge from the vehicle.

Then, a man wearing a dark shirt, khaki cargo shorts and black shoes with white socks gets out of a vehicle and uses a sledgehammer or mallet to smash the SUV's windows. The driver, however, swerves out of the scene.

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As the driver of an SUV tried to leave the scene of a crash, other drivers attempted to pull him from his vehicle then wreaked havoc on the SUV itself.

Police added they do not encourage witnesses to try and stop someone from leaving the scene, rather get a good description of the vehicle and contact authorities.

The images show several people running after the Infiniti - trying to box it in.

Anthony Jimenez said "That is insane".

But the driver would not pull over, so the cop backed off because of the Miami PD's no-chase policy for non-violent crimes.

Driver flees from crash as witnesses chase him