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American Idol is Back! Auditions, Kisses and Golden Tickets

13 March 2018

Since singing competition shows are television's most inexhaustible genre, American Idol is back after a blink-and-you-missed-it two years off the air. Also intact is the goal of finding a music star - one such as Carrie Underwood, who built a blockbuster career after winning Idol in 2005 and whose voice-over opens the ABC show.

Per ABC, the "Idol" launch delivered ABC's largest audience on a Sunday night in four years.

Harper Grace has the unfortunate distinction of being listed as the worst singer of the national anthem under major search engines, but the Texas native was determined to impress in another way with this audition.

"It's pretty inspiring stuff knowing I'll potentially have an opportunity to be a part of someone's rise to stardom". But with that nod to what came before, we enter into new, but familiar territory, as judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan take their seats at the table. "I know. Wig. I feel that already". The best way to watch is to tune in then.

28-year-old Julica Kelly made quite the impression at WKOW Idol last September.

Luke gives some sage advice to judge-favorite Catie Turner. "She don't want you bein' nice, boy!" he barked.

"I was really excited to meet him and really wanted to make a good impression".

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Ron Bultongez's personal story is just as awesome as his voice! However, on this show, you just never know if a good personality will translate into a good audition. Your journey, what this country's about, your demeanor, your honesty. "I'm just fascinated with your brain".

South Jersey's Mara Justine, an Idol veteran who reached the finals in 2014, will appear in Monday's auditions episode. "You're right there between this rawness not polished at all". "I think when I see Katy Perry, there's a slight chance that I might have this spike in my heart rate".

"You have Sinatra down, but remember this: Sinatra waited". "You're Top 10", the "Roar" singer tells the 15 year old hopeful. Luke then pointed out that "America is going to freak" over him.

Still, the network isn't the only thing the new judges say is different as they possibly threw shade at the former panel of the popular singing competition. Luke adds, "You're so easy on the ears".

The bottom line is that by the time Fox shuttered the series in 2016, most of us had long ago tuned out and hitched our eyeballs to shinier, newer TV talent contests, some of which mercilessly sprung up like hydra heads when the OG began to show its first signs of aging.

Your deal is why I signed up for this, this feeling.

American Idol is Back! Auditions, Kisses and Golden Tickets