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Sophia, the humanoid robot, is a fan of this Bollywood actor

21 February 2018

While Khan didn't name the film, he revealed that he had advised the Padmaavat team to maintain silence on the matter and not give any importance to a handful of protesters.

But Shah Rukh Khan asserted that he does not feel scared and he believes artistes do not get bogged down by the hardships.

On being asked the best place for dating, she replied "space".

Talking about his ad, he further adds, He was driving the auto and he tried the turn by pulling the hand brake and simply turning the steering.

Shah Rukh was part of a panel discussion titled Media - Shaping the future & entertainment at Magnetic Maharashtra event. "(But) Sometimes this is going to happen".

Supreme Court reserves verdict in petitions against Election Act 2017
The chief justice remarked that in other countries intra-party elections are held but the situation is different in Pakistan. CJP is heading the three-member bench to hear the petitions.

The superstar, who'll next be seen as a vertically-challenged character in Aanand L Rai's Zero, said that nobody can stifle the voice of an artist and that no amount of pressure can stop creative people from telling the stories they want to.

He also went onto say that no one makes a film to specifically disrupt a community or a region, but sometimes it happens inadvertently.

"In the next five years, content is going to be created by lots of people and not just the dozens of content creation", the popular actor said. You will find some people who will find some reason to dislike it - be it a film, news piece, web series. "That's my responsibility. So the hurtfulness is not because 'I am anxious about my film" but I am anxious about that girl watching the film".

He said: "People said why are these big stars are not coming up with their opinion and hiding behind?" I never think anyone does that. And with the kind of rise in technology, information, and communication around us, there will come a time when ideas will flow freely. and no one will be able to stop that.

"No matter how much we stop it, break it, hide it, the ideas won't stop", he concluded. "Especially with social media and the internet, it's impossible to stop it". He also spoke about the efforts needed to develop media and entertainment facilities that will provide content for the globe.

Sophia, the humanoid robot, is a fan of this Bollywood actor