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Lakers Rumors: LaVar Ball stirring the pot once again

14 February 2018

Other than that, LiAngelo, who now plays for Lithuanian team Prienu Vytautas, is considered a minor talent and 16-year old LaMelo only has a few years of high school experience behind him.

LaVar Ball is trying to force a "My Three Sons" sitcom on the Los Angeles Lakers, threatening that one of his sons, rookie guard Lonzo Ball, won't re-sign with the team unless the Lakers also take on his two brothers. "We're not going to play him tomorrow - with a back-to-back and a week off after that - the progress is great, but it just doesn't make sense to risk it right now". "They looked good. It's amusing when you put skilled, intelligent basketball players on the same team, they seem to make each other, them and their unit, look good".

During a press conference in Lithuania last week, Ball was asked about his biggest wish- for all three of the Balls to play on the same National Basketball Association team.

The Lakers could pick one of his options and secure his services beyond next season despite the circus his father intends to put on in hopes to bring relevance to LaVar's other two sons.

"I want all three boys to play for the Lakers", Ball told Urbonas. "You see how successful he was when he was with his brother?" "The original Big Three".

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We nearly got halfway through February before LaVar Ball made an eye-opening comment that put his son Lonzo in a presumably unwelcome spot.

Jason Whitlock: "LaVar Ball is a hot mess, and he may create such a mess that it's hard to recruit free agents here, and the Lakers may have to consider moving on".

Poker has been played in the United States since the early 1800s, but LaVar Ball is about to change everything about the game.

This is a variation of LaVar's guarantee that his three sons will deliver the Lakers' next championship.

LaVar, seemingly acknowledging the fact it's unlikely LiAngelo will be drafted, said the Lakers wouldn't even have to give LiAngelo an exuberant contract to keep him happy. Can't wait until you tune in next week!

Lakers Rumors: LaVar Ball stirring the pot once again