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After surgery, Eagles fan frets: Did I miss the Super Bowl?

03 February 2018

'Did I miss the Super Bowl?' Parks asks in a panic.

Bob Parks and his wife captured the hilarious moment on camera - filming their daughter Haley Parks moments after she had dental surgery.

Haley Parks got her wisdom teeth out the other day, and her parents recorded her as she was coming out of her anesthesia fog.

The New Jersey college student is a die-hard Philadelphia Eagles fan.

When her mom let her know the game was Sunday, Parks asked if she could go.

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"The Philadelphia Eagles contacted Haley tonight, February 2, 2018, and told her that they have two Super Bowl tickets waiting for her in Minnesota", Mowry wrote on the campaign's page. "While excited, it felt like a betrayal because I wasn't sure if I could stomach going to the biggest sporting event in the country if my Eagles weren't a participant in it".

The Rutgers University New Brunswick student then slams the Patriots' defense and says no one cares about the Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. "I just want to be in there". "But she put it on Instagram to get a couple laughs for her friends, and they said people should see this".

In a wide-ranging, if not always coherent, conversation, Haley Parker says the players are "like my sisters", expresses concern for the mother of injured quarterback Carson Wentz and wonders if she's drowning after feeling teardrops on her face.

In Philadelphia, Foles is trying to do the unthinkable by leading his team to a championship as a backup quarterback, while in New England, TB12 is trying to add to his record number of Super Bowl victories, now sitting at five.

'I trust St Nick, ' Parks said, referring to Eagles quarterback Nick Foles.

After surgery, Eagles fan frets: Did I miss the Super Bowl?