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Left scolds Hillary for shamelessly coddling sexual harasser

30 January 2018

Quote: Mrs. Clinton's campaign manager at the time recommended that she fire the adviser, Burns Strider.

"I don't think this is a good look for Hillary Clinton and we're not going to hear the last of it", Gregory said. "Firing a high profile person on the campaign would have certainly made news and caused a distraction, so it wasn't an easy call", she said. "I wish she had said it was the wrong call".

The New York Times first reported on the allegations made against Burns Strider - and that he was sacked years later from a Clinton-aligned super PAC for sexual harassment. The young woman was reassigned while the alleged harasser, Burns Strider, former spiritual adviser to, continued to work on the campaign, despite Ms. Doyle's recommendation to terminate him.

Keilar directly asked, "She overruled you personally?" "I was dismayed when it occurred, but was heartened the young woman came forward, was heard, and had her concerns taken seriously and addressed", she tweeted.

Although she claims no political aspirations, Clinton continues to act politically.

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"To ensure a safe working environment, the campaign had a process to address complaints of misconduct or harassment", the statement said. "This complaint was no exception", the statement said.

Garber noted Clinton used her law firm to deliver a response several steps removed from her "with the clinical language of corporate callousness".

The Atlantic's Megan Garber commented on the hard-hitting hypocrisy behind the scandal, considering the fact that Clinton has spent her public career fighting for the ideas and ideals that #MeToo represents. He developed a personal relationship with Clinton during the 2008 campaign by sending the then-senator Scripture readings every morning while she ran for president, and after the campaign he stayed close with the Clintons. Actually, Doyle has already revealed her private counsel to Clinton. Kathleen Willey accused him of groping her in 1993 in the Oval Office, where she was a volunteer aide.

"Well, I would say that everybody should be believed at first until they are disbelieved based on evidence", Clinton replied.

Ms. O'Connell told colleagues that she was concerned that the young woman making the allegations should not be demoted when she was moved from Mr. Strider's supervision.

Left scolds Hillary for shamelessly coddling sexual harasser