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Democrats buoyed by Trump support for Dreamer's citizenship

29 January 2018

The White House will present the plan to the Senate on Monday.

"The White House outlined its immigration plan to offer a path to citizenship for roughly 1.8 million immigrants brought into the country illegally as children in exchange for a "$25 billion trust fund for the wall system". The pathway to citizenship element of the framework was largely denounced by immigration restrictionists.

"We are going to morph into it", Trump told reporters about a path to citizenship.

But a Knoxville "Dreamer" is worrying she may lose her future in East Tennessee if President Trump's immigration plan doesn't pass. She says she's part the DACA program and argues President Trump's proposal of a path to citizenship for almost two million undocumented immigrants is not good enough. Trump ended the program in September, citing its likely unconstitutionality. This includes those who now illegally reside in the USA as they were brought to the country as children. While the proposal's pathway to citizenship for almost 2 million undocumented immigrants will earn plaudits from many Democrats, the framework also includes several hardline immigration reforms that Democrats may find hard to swallow.

"It's a little scary to think they have the power to remove something so many people have worked hard to get", he said.

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But Trump had no such scruples about commenting as he arrived at a conference centre in the snowbound Swiss mountain resort on Friday.

Those eligible will be able to become citizens in 10 to 12 years, Trump said on Wednesday, contingent on meeting work and education requirements the White House is leaving up to Congress to establish.

Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL), the Democratic Whip, has also publicly rejected the president's proposal, saying in a statement Thursday night, "Dreamers should not be held hostage to President Trump's crusade to tear families apart and waste billion of American tax dollars on an ineffective wall".

The Nonpartisan Migration Policy Institute said it believes the largest share of the White House's 1.8 million people who'd be eligible for citizenship, 1.3 million are people who now meet all of DACA's eligibility requirements. The plan also calls for eliminating protections - which the White House calls "legal loopholes" - that allow fleeing refugees, including unaccompanied minors caught at the border, to pursue asylum claims in America.

Some congressional Democrats and many liberal groups, including immigrant rights advocates, criticised Schumer for agreeing on the funding extension without any tangible immigration concessions.

Pineda says he's on the path to citizenship, but worries about his undocumented family here.

Democrats buoyed by Trump support for Dreamer's citizenship