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Logan Paul's Japan YouTube videos make up to $90000 despite dead body controversy

26 January 2018

Logan Paul is back with his first video since he was blasted for uploading a video of a suicide victim in December. Paul seemingly made fun of the guy, and his actions drew flak from his critics, as well as his fans.

While entrance to Aokigahara is neither forbidden nor frowned upon (the area is actively trying to attract more hikers and nature lovers), the tone of Paul's video was seen as incredibly disrespectful, attracting criticism from around the world. The survivor also talked about his previous attempt to take his own life when he was just a teenager.

The new episode of Paul's vlog begins by featuring Kevin Hines, who was 19 at the time when he jumped from the Golden Gate Bridge. The minute Hines let go of the railings, he realized that he still wanted to live. The YouTube star admitted that he was unaware of the seriousness of suicide. Paul's first video since his awful apology is a short film on suicide prevention. One interviewee asks incredulously, before adding, "In Ohio, where you come from, it's the second leading cause of death". Paul also speaks with John Draper and Bob Forrest and, representatives of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline and Alo House Recovery Centers, a drug and alcohol addiction treatment organization that also deals with suicide prevention. He said he had been humbled in the aftermath of his publishing of footage that included images of a dead body - and Paul and his friends laughing and talking nearby.

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"I think this is a good video, however it's still in place for people including me to question the authenticity of it, this is a good start, but only time will tell if Logan is willing to grow up and mature", said viewer V Silvia.

Paul says that he spoke to Hines and other experts in recent weeks as he tried "to understand the complexities surrounding suicide". Now a suicide prevention advocate, Hines says he is one of the only 36 people who have survived that fall.

Logan Paul's Japan YouTube videos make up to $90000 despite dead body controversy