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Dog Almost Died From Skin Burns Caused By Human Hair Dye

26 January 2018

Someone dyed a Maltese-mix with purple human hair dye before she arrived at Pinellas County Animal Services in Largos, Florida, in November.

The photos speak for themselves, but animal services went on to warn of the dangers of using human dye on animals, adding, "Chemicals in hair dye are TOXIC causing a wide array of external injury to your pet - possible burns, blindness and because an animal's first instinct is to lick, it can cause poisoning or internal burns".

"Then we waited - Violet went home with our veterinarian and we waited".

In a Facebook post, one of the vets who tended to Violet declared that on the night when she was brought in, she and her colleagues were astounded by the fact that she managed to make it the night. Staff did not think the animal would survive because of her condition. But still we waited.

Writing on its Facebook page, Pinellas County Animal Services said: "Good thing Violet was peacefully anesthetized".

Luckily, after three months of intense case, including antibiotics, IV fluids, honey treatments, scab removal as well as anesthetizing and bandage changes, Violet's condition had improved. The staff eventually had to shave her to monitor the healing process of her skin burns.

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The seriousness of her injuries meant animal rescuers in Florida feared the worst for the dog, especially when she began to shed skin. They spent many sleepless nights worrying and hoping little Violet would pull through. But then she found her voice and she never, ever, EVER stopped.

"She began to walk the halls, visiting each office and requesting treats or hugs or gentle pats".

The staff was encouraged but they knew they weren't out of the woods yet.

"When the final badges came off we breathed a collective sigh of relief - Violet was lovely", officials said.

"Do NOT, under any circumstances, use hair color intended for humans on your pets". Just this week, she was adopted by a new owner and finally has a forever home.

Dog Almost Died From Skin Burns Caused By Human Hair Dye