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WTF is MicroLED? Samsung's new TV tech explained

14 January 2018

Samsung has confirmed that The Wall will be making its way to the market this same year and in a range of different sizes.

Samsung's 146-inch TV takes advantage of the new technology, what the company likes to called as microLEDs. It's modular and can be configured however you like at its biggest, 6 feet by 10 feet.

LG Display showed off a smaller 18-inch version of the rolling screen at CES past year. Most impressively, it showed a 150-inch version, though that is not yet slated for commercial availability. "We're excited about this next step along our roadmap to the future of screen technology, and the remarkable viewing experience it offers to consumers", said Jonghee Han, President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics. This comes in handy for consumer applications because each household has varying restrictions on the viewable area on their walls.

According to the Galaxy S9 maker, its Samsung Knox for TV technology implements a hardware root of trust security architecture. What's more, an early report by CNET states that the seams between modules isn't visible, unlike other modular large form factor displays.

This was one of the more eye-catching uses of AI sprouting at CES, though it has to be said that a decent number of things marketed as AI are, in fact, merely very good algorithms. It's probably still a niche technology, but it is interesting.

The proprietary LG OLED technology is designed to deliver perfect blacks thanks to its ability to turn each pixel on or completely off

The prototype OLED TV can roll back up with the press of a button, and can even peek out just a little to display information such as the weather and time.

MicroLED has some similarities to OLED. In other words, the MicroLEDs within The Wall are tiny LEDs equipped with their own RGB sub-pixels. It doesn't require color filters or backlighting. What's more, unlike OLEDs, MicroLEDs can potentially go brighter and exhibit immunity to ageing and burn in issues.

Considering 4K content is only just taking off, several years after the first screens arrived, it's likely 8K displays will appear long before we're ready for 8K content.

Though, LG has still not proposed a price line for its brand new model- 88-inch 8K TV (OLED) television, but we can surely believe to see this 1 expense tens of 1000's of dollars, which is quite a fair deal. Samsung didn't say how all the pieces come together, but the set looked pretty seamless in person. However, Samsung's new upscaling solution uses artificial intelligence to make the results much more believable, not to mention enjoyable.

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WTF is MicroLED? Samsung's new TV tech explained