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'We are not a shithole country' -- Akufo-Addo condemns Trump outburst

14 January 2018

The tweet from Clinton, who fought bitterly with Trump in the 2016 presidential race, came a day after reports surfaced that Trump demanded to know why the USA admits so many immigrants from "shithole countries", like Haiti, El Salvador and several in Africa.

Jean, who was born in the Haitian capital of Port-au-Prince and is now secretary general of the Organisation internationale de la Francophonie, called Trump's reported remarks "insulting".

On people from Haiti: "While Haitian immigrants typically arrive in the United States with lower levels of education and income than the general population, they sacrifice as parents to scrap and save and to ensure that their children can make the most of the opportunity to be here". "He said these hate-filled things". "We will probably hear more from him".

The comments were said to have come after Trump met this week with Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg in Washington.

But Democratic Senator Dick Durbin, who was present at the meeting, told MSNBC on Friday that Trump had used the slur to describe those countries.

Trump later tweeted that the language he used was tough, but not the language being reported. Trump later denied using the vulgar phrase, but said he used "tough" language at the meeting. "When it came to the issue of 'chain migration, ' I said to the president, 'Do you realize how painful that term is to so many people?' African Americans believe that they migrated to America in chains". I have a wonderful relationship with Haitians.

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The president implied Friday morning on Twitter that maybe he should start recording meetings because there is no trust.

The president also accused Democrats of "not being interested in life and safety" and slammed the DACA proposals as "a big step backwards". "Whatever education we get from here we are trying to take it back, and trying to see how we can develop our country".

A White House spokesman defended Trump's position on immigration without directly addressing Trump's remarks. I want safety and security for our people. I will not be diverted from all possible efforts to continue negotiating to stop the deportations.

Al Jazeera's Kimberly Halkett, reporting from Washington, DC, said: "The calls for the president to apologise for his remarks are intensifying inside and outside the United States, but for now, that apology does not appear likely".

Racism has a strong ally in President Donald Trump. "How terrible for the USA - such a great country- to have such a poor leader on the worldwide front", one person tweeted.

Trump should "know better", Sharpton explained, pointing to his life in a diverse city like NY. So no surprise he is going to lie about this too.

'We are not a shithole country' -- Akufo-Addo condemns Trump outburst