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Tehran says will retaliate against Washington sanctions on chief judge

14 January 2018

In addition, Trump demanded that the deal should state that Iran's nuclear effort and its missile programs are inseparable.

"This is a last chance", Trump said.

A man who has taken power in the United States is unfortunately addressing the world nations with 'vulgar and unacceptable words, ' Iranian foreign minister said here on Saturday.

Trump said he wanted Congress to pass a bill requiring "timely, sufficient, and immediate inspections" at all sites by inspectors of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), and the indefinite extension of limits on Iran's uranium enrichment and other nuclear activities.

Trump wants them to help the US devise a new agreement created to prevent Iran from escalating nuclear activity again next decade, as permitted under the 2015 arrangement reached by President Barack Obama.

Senior administration officials said the White House intends to negotiate with European allies a menu of "triggers" to reimpose multilateral sanctions if Iran oversteps those lines. But it has said it would "shred" the deal if Washington quit.

Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif describe Trump's decision as "desperate attempt" to "undermine" the deal. "Rather than repeating exhausted rhetoric, the United States must bring itself into full compliance - just like Iran".

Supporters expressed skepticism that the deal will survive in its current form. They argue that if the US pulls out, Iran might kick out global nuclear inspectors.

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Trump will next have to deal with these decisions in mid-May.

He also wanted to extend legislation to make explicit that testing of long-range missiles was "inseparable" from the nuclear weapons programme, so Iran's ballistics testing should also "be subject to severe sanctions". The Treasury Department's action hits 14 Iranian officials and companies and businessmen from Iran, China and Malaysia, freezing any assets they have in the USA and banning Americans from doing business with them.

The new sanctions announced Friday focus on Iranian entities involved in the crackdown on recent protests in Iran.

But he says this waiver will be the last and is meant to secure an agreement from European allies to fix what he says are flaws in the pact.

Trump's action, which was widely expected, is the third time he has given a reprieve to the agreement brokered by former president Barack Obama, despite having labeled it "the worst deal ever" and threatening repeatedly to rip it up. "No one should doubt my word".

Trump also gave Europeans only 120 days to agree to an overhaul of the nuclear agreement - officially called the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action - or he would pull Washington out of it.

But Trump, who must meet regular deadlines to endorse the deal every 90 days and approve sanctions waivers every 120 and 180 days, has railed against the agreement.

The White House is working with the congress on a US legislation, which seeks provisions to permanently prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons and subject Iran's long-range missile program to severe sanctions.

Tehran says will retaliate against Washington sanctions on chief judge