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Flu-related deaths spike to 17 this season in Manitoba

14 January 2018

Over half of these (378) were in the 65-plus age group.

Flu deaths rocketed in England by 77% in the space of a week to hit 85 deaths.

In Montgomery County, there have been 74 confirmed cases of influenza A. Last year's numbers were not available.

The CDC's monthly lecture series gained media attention this week with the announcement that their January 16 meeting would focus on the "Public Health Response to a Nuclear Detonation", interpreted as the health body responding to heightened rhetoric of nuclear war between the US and North Korea.

There were four deaths statewide during the same weekly period in 2017, but 14 total deaths through January 14, 2017. A lot of cold air, a lot of cold this season. The recording period ends in May.

The Iowa Department of Public Health now says 25 percent of all flu tests last week came back positive for Influenza.

Jeff Rains, CEO of Baptist Medical Center East in Montgomery said some hospitals across the state are altering visiting policies to try to slow the spread of the illness, and protect medically vulnerable patients.

Second, the vaccine. This year's vaccine was only 10 percent effective against the problematic H3N2 strain in Australia.

If you do get the flu, it's prudent to see a doctor within 48 hours, according to Berg.

"We've got to get away from cultivating vaccine in eggs and expand the use of tissue cultures, but only one manufacturer has made that investment right now", he said.

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The emergency room at Maricopa Medical Center is overrun with patients.

"We apologize for the inconvenience", Beaumont said in a statement.

Jonathan Allen, principal at T.R. Simmons Elementary School, and Jennifer Willingham, who serves as school nurse at T.R. Simmons, said the school has seen approximately 45 cases of flu since December, but that these cases seem to be typical of a high flu season.

Statistical modeling with those results was used to generate an estimate of the number of flu-associated respiratory deaths for 185 countries across the world. Hawaii was the only state not experiencing widespread flu activity as of Friday.

"The vaccine is it well matched for it, so unfortunately I think the vaccine is good to get it better than nothing so it is probably not going to be as effective as we had hoped", said Dr. Cynthia Snider, an infectious disease with Cone Health.

"Flu is everywhere in the US right now".

There has also been a 78 per cent increase in the GP consultation rate with flu-like illness, and a 50 per cent increase in the rate of hospital admissions for flu cases in the first week of the year.

Teresa Sherer, a pharmacist at Five Points Pharmacy, said the pharmacy had run out of flu prevention medication Tamiflu on Thursday but were able to secure more by Friday morning.

According to the Health Department, the majority of flu-related deaths involve people with diabetes, heart or lung disease, people over the age of 65, and children under the age of 5.

If you're sick, chances are you're most contagious during the first few days of the illness, but some people remain symptomatic and contagious for much longer, depending on their immune system.

Flu-related deaths spike to 17 this season in Manitoba