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DARK SOULS REMASTERED is Coming to Nintendo Switch

14 January 2018

Dark Souls Remastered is the latest in the trend of critically acclaimed remastered games.

The game will run at 1080p, 60fps on PS4 and Xbox One.

Something to note here is that the decision to remaster/remake either Dark Souls 1 or Demon Souls, rests exclusively on their publishers, this has been confirmed by the game's director Hidetaka Miyazaki himself, the company's direct involvement in sort of remaster/remake lies entirely in the hands of their respective publishers, Bandai Namco Entertainment for Dark Souls and Sony Interactive for Demon Souls. According to the pre-order page, Dark Souls Remastered is priced at $39.99 so PC gamers will be able to get it at $19.99. The game also has a reputation for being incredibly hard and unforgiving even for skilled players.

Dark Souls Remastered announced for PC, Switch, Xbox One, and PS4
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From Software's involvement in the Switch's library has been hinted at since the early days of the Switch's announcement. The series came to an end previous year. And in case of PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, the game will be upscaled to 4K resolution and 60 FPS. While the Switch version could conceivably address that level of difficulty by toning it down, somehow we suspect that Dark Souls Remastered will be just as hard to master as the original.

The original Dark Souls game was released back in 2011. Bandai Namco has confirmed the same by publishing a trailer. Despite the fact that is being ported to Nintendo, Dark Souls Remastered will be available for all other platforms.

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DARK SOULS REMASTERED is Coming to Nintendo Switch