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CES 2018: Insteon Pairs With Google Products

14 January 2018

Now that you know the Klipsch speakers that will support Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, would you be buying any of these products this year?

Amazon's Alexa smart assistant was the quiet star of the show at last year's CES.

New research has come out that looks at the number of Americans that own a smart speaker along the lines of the Amazon Echo or Google Home devices. Customers can also use voice commands to turn the mirror's embedded lights on and off, and tap into the rest of Alexa's skills, like asking for a weather report.

According to people with familiar with Google's plan, the company is concerned about losing market share to Amazon. The two types of Lenovo smart displays which can be used as a picture frames when not in use will retail for $199,99 and $249.99 respectively this summer.

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Google has also made it clear that the device is not just a tablet with Google in-built. Analysts say some consumers find it more natural to manipulate smart devices like door locks, lightbulbs and televisions with their voice instead of smartphone apps or dedicated remotes. "By introducing the collaboration with the Google Assistant on Google Home in addition to our previous collaboration with Amazon, we're hoping to offer a more connected smart home ecosystem for families". Amazon had a head start over every other tech giant in the market with the launch of its Echo smart speaker in 2014, and Google has been playing catch-up ever since. Since all of these hubs are using Google Assistant, they will need to work hard to stand out. The 8-inch model comes with a soft matte finish, while the 10-inch version can be customized with a bamboo finish.

Neither Apple Inc's assistant Siri nor Microsoft Corp's Cortana are now available on a speaker with a tablet-like display.

But compared with the Lenovo's intriguing offering, the LG speaker is pretty damn ugly.

What's your take on this? For more updates, stay tuned with us!

CES 2018: Insteon Pairs With Google Products