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Ventura County flu deaths rise again; public health officials urge vaccination

13 January 2018

While flu-related deaths are not uncommon, the number of people being treated for the virus this season is, say officials.

There were seven pediatric flu deaths last week, bringing the total to 20 for the flu season, the CDC said.

But an update from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows patient traffic for the flu is no longer increasing the way it did in December.

Quinlisk said it's likely Iowa will see a rise in influenza diagnoses, since this year's peak isn't expected to be reached until the end of January or the beginning of February.

St. Peter's says that they need to take these precautions since they have patients that could die from influenza such as newborns, hospice care patients and cancer patients who may have weakened immune systems. It's still the best protection against H3N2 flu and other flu strains, such as H1N1 and B viruses.

It appears the worst of the flu season may be over in Saskatchewan.

"Even when there is a good match between the influenza strains that circulate and those that are used in the vaccine, there is a difference in its effectiveness", Werker explained.

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The prevalent strain circulating the state is classified as influenza A (H3N2), and is associated with more severe cases requiring hospitalization and death among seniors and young children than other strains.

Public health officials continued to press the public to get flu shots, saying it wasn't too late, and that the vaccine offered ideal protection against three of the four strains. This month, HISD reported 16 reports of flu-like illness with students and just one confirmed case so far. People with mild symptoms or at lower risk from complications from influenza should stay home and rest or call their healthcare provider.

Two young boys in OH have died from the flu as one of the most severe flu seasons in recent memory rages on across the United States.

The rate of hospitalizations for laboratory-confirmed cases of flu doubled last week, rising to 22.7 hospitalizations per 100,000 people, up from 13.7 the prior week.

You may have heard that the flu that's doing the most damage this year is an H3N2 strain, and that it is less vulnerable to the vaccine.

Up to half of the children who die from flu have no known medical condition that would have put them at higher risk.

The spread of flu can be reduced if people stay home while sick, cover their coughs or sneezes, wash hands and avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth.

Ventura County flu deaths rise again; public health officials urge vaccination