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Trump hails China for cutting trade with North Korea

13 January 2018

After U.S. President Donald Trump's Twitter-bashed China's furtive efforts to sell refined oil to North Korea on the high seas, China suddenly announced on January 5 that it would immediately impose a wide-ranging embargo against North Korea to "implement UN Resolution 2397".

China on Thursday rejected a media report that it plans to fund the construction of an anti-terror base in Afghanistan.

While several key powers, including China and Japan, are reportedly not attending the meeting, the State Department said Thursday that the event will "bring together national from across the globe".

The problem therefore isn't with Canada, but countries like China that have been much less stringent - and in some cases already implicated in money laundering with North Korea.

Finance Canada deputy spokeswoman Jocelyn Sweet said the directive came after the Financial Action Task Force raised concerns about - and urged a harder line against - North Korean money laundering in November.

The meeting is ostensibly created to show global solidarity in the face of the North Korean threat, discuss ways to strengthen sanctions against the country and seek diplomatic solutions to the crisis.

Lopez said recent developments going into the Vancouver summit "lessen the need for this to be yet another thorn in the side of North Koreans and maybe gives it more diplomatic opportunity".

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Lu said countries should work to defuse tensions and promote dialogue, rather than isolating Pyongyang.

The ministers will discuss steps to thwart North Korea's evasion of sanctions, including through maritime interdiction, State Department Director of Policy Planning Brian Hook said in a press briefing.

Kang stressed the position of South Korea that her country will push simultaneously for improved inter-Korean ties and the peaceful resolution of the nuclear issue on the Korean Peninsula.

"China is working with us".

They include South Korea, Britain, the Philippines and Australia. "This is not an alternative to everything that we are doing", Hook said.

In 2017 as a whole, China's overall trade with North Korea declined by more than 10 percent to about $5 billion, as U.S. President Donald Trump secured Beijing's backing for four escalating rounds of sanctions. "This ministerial will enhance and strengthen all of the efforts underway to achieve our policy goals".

On Wednesday, Trump told South Korean President Moon Jae-In the United States was open to holding talks with North Korea "under the right circumstances", according to the White House.

Trump hails China for cutting trade with North Korea