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Tesla Model 3 Going on Display at Palo Alto Showroom

13 January 2018

Tesla's stores in Los Angeles and Palo Alto, CA debuted something special today, with the two showrooms becoming the first in the United States to feature the Model 3 on display.

The base price for a Model 3 is $35,000.

In a lot of ways, the debut of the Model 3 at both the Stanford and Century showrooms is an incredibly favorable sign for Tesla and its ever-growing consumer base.

CENTURY CITY, California - Tesla is starting to bring its mass-market Model 3 cars to its retail stores in Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area. There are about 500 employees working at the site now, Tesla said. According to a Tesla owners forum, it has 25 charging stalls.

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After California, Tesla will gradually add Model 3 display cars to its locations around the USA as it ramps up production and continues the rollout of its latest electric vehicle. On Jan. 3, the Palo Alto company said it wouldn't make that target, but would by the end of June.

Tesla delivered 1,770 Model 3s to buyers in the second half of 2017, according to Bloomberg Businessweek, but production and delivery have been far slower than CEO Elon Musk projected. The unforeseen problems forced the company to move the mass production and installation of the tiles first from late 2017, and then to early 2018. Tesla would not disclose how many reservations it had received for the solar roof. "But it'd personally work in our favor since we're not in a hurry to purchase another vehicle, and hopefully production issues will improve over time".

Even Tesla CEO Elon Musk pushed the company's anti-selling efforts towards the mass market auto, explicitly reminding customers that the Model 3, despite being the newest vehicle in Tesla's lineup, does not feature superior features compared to its larger, more expensive siblings.

Tesla has also imposed production burdens on itself, promising four new electric vehicles: a pickup truck, a semi, a new "Roadster" supercar and a compact SUV. Musk even noted that he would continue driving his Model S long after the Model 3 is released. University of MI researchers have just published a report concluding that across the USA, the average annual cost of fueling a gas-powered vehicle is $1,117, while power for an electric vehicle costs $485.

Tesla Model 3 Going on Display at Palo Alto Showroom