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Schools radicalising J&K youth: Bipin Rawat

13 January 2018

He said he shouldn't comment on things, which are beyond his constitutional mandate.

Expressing displeasure over Gen Rawat's comment, Mr Bukhari said everyone was passing comments on education sector which was not acceptable.

Army chief had said each classroom in government schools in J&K has a separate map of the state besides that of India which sowed the seeds of thought of some kind of "separate identity" among the children. He is a professional and I have no doubt about his professionalism.

Minister for Education Syed Altaf Bukhari denied reports that the education system of the state was driving students toward radicalisation.

"I don't think any society will accept sermons on education from non-academicians".

"The system of education there needs to be given a relook". "This is a state subject". Rawat suggested that some stone throwers in Kashmir were youth from government schools, and stressed on the need to reform the education system.

He was quoted by HT as saying, "I will be very happy if they do what they are supposed to do and leave us what we are supposed to do".

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He said that J&K has a capable chief minister here who is there to supervise and take review of different departments. "If she finds any reasons for the improvement in the system, she can pinpoint and order for corrective measures as well", added J&K's Education Minister.

Rawat said countries like Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan have to be kept on board as part of a broader strategy to deal with China, and India must make "wholehearted" efforts to continue extending support to them.

"In the schools in Jammu and Kashmir, what teachers are teaching should not be taught".

Hitting out at General Rawat, Bukhari said the Army has a responsibilty and they should stick to it, hinting that the Army Chief should not meddle with the affairs of running the state.

"There are two flags in the state, we have J&K constitution and India's constitution also. What does it teach the children?"

The Minister earlier inaugurated a two-day annual book exhibition at SP Model Higher Secondary School.

"I think we can not allow the neighbourhood to be drifted away from us - whether it is Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka or Afghanistan".

Schools radicalising J&K youth: Bipin Rawat