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Queen reveals 'dangerous' crown could 'break her NECK' in rare interview

13 January 2018

Marking the special occasion, the Queen has taken part in a BBC documentary, airing this Sunday and we're apparently set to see Queen Elizabeth like we've never seen her before.

She also recounts how she was brought to a standstill when her robes ran against the carpet pile in Westminster Abbey during her coronation. "But once you've put it on it stays, I mean it just remains itself", The Queen said in the BBC documentary.

Her Majesty added the seven-metre-long gilded carriage, which weighs around four tonnes and is pulled by eight horses, is "not meant for travelling in at all", according to Sky News.

Speaking with the Imperial State Crown in front of her, the Queen said: "Fortunately, my father and I have about the same sort of shaped head".

"So there are some disadvantages to crowns, but otherwise they're quite important things".

The Queen gets lyrical over the four pearls, said to have been Queen Elizabeth I's earrings, hanging from the State Crown, which look "not very happy now". The jewels, including the Black Prince's Ruby from the Imperial State Crown, were taken from London to Berkshire during the war, for fear they would fall into Nazi hands in the event of an invasion.

Bruce watched the footage alongside Queen Elizabeth, but he does more than just reporting-he's also one of the queen's officers of arms, and he's such an expert in the semiotics (the language of symbols) of the nation that the Buckingham Palace often calls him for input and advice.

The Queen with her maids of honour and Archbishop of Canterbury during the coronation
The Queen with her maids of honour and Archbishop of Canterbury during the coronation Credit ITV archive

"'The Crown" shows the queen sipping her tea while watching the evangelist on television preach to a packed stadium.

A trapdoor used to access the secret area at Windsor Castle, where the Queen spent her war years for safety, still exists today.

"I think what's so delightful is the queen had absolutely no idea this had happened", Bruce said.

Her Maj's crown left millions in envy when she took to the throne, but it left her fearing for serious injury.

The British sovereign does not concede interviews to the press, but spoke exclusively to the BBC for the recording of "The Coronation", a documentary on the British Crown jewels and the other regalia - scheduled for broadcast this Sunday - of which brief extracts were made available on Friday, Efe news agency reported.

In the U.S., The Coronation will air on the Smithsonian Channel January 14 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

The Queen also discusses what it was really like to ride in the famed golden carriage that transported her that day, revealing the journey was "horrible" as the carriage is "only sprung on leather".

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Queen reveals 'dangerous' crown could 'break her NECK' in rare interview