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North Korea to go to South Korea's Olympics after talks

13 January 2018

South Korea will provide necessary services to the North Korean delegation, Ri said, adding that the two countries will hold follow-up working-level talks on Olympic cooperation.

Trump said on Twitter on Thursday that talks between North and South Korea were "a good thing", but the US ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley added that the U.S.

The US president in an interview made this remark, though he declined to comment on whether he had a talk with the North Korean leader in recent times or not.

Later Tuesday, Chun said North Korea told the South Korean delegation that it restored a military hotline with the South, in the second reopening of a suspended inter-Korean communication channel in about a week.

Trump tweeted on January 4, "With all of the failed "experts" weighing in, does anybody really believe that talks and dialogue would be going on between North and South Korea right now if I wasn't firm, strong and willing to commit our total "might" against the North. Fools, but talks are a good thing!" "A lot of good energy", he added.

Prior to Wednesday's call between Trump and Moon, the USA president has been inconsistent in his position about whether diplomatic action could be successful in curtailing North Korean aggression. But they may prove sensitive coming the same month as the Winter Olympics, which are to be hosted by South Korea beginning February 9.

Washington welcomed the talks as a first step towards resolving the crisis over North Korea's program to develop nuclear missiles capable of reaching the United States, but it has reiterated that any talks involving the United States must be aimed at the North's denuclearization.

When Kim addressed the nation on the first day of the new year, as he has done annually since 2013, he said that eliminating non-socialist elements in society would be a key task for 2018 in the repressive nation.

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Suspension of the military drills would be unacceptable for Seoul because it would seriously undermine its alliance with its chief ally, the United States, which wants to put more pressure on North Korea. Notably, while North Korea claims that it has acquired the capability to strike at the USA mainland most experts doubt that it has developed the technology to miniaturise the nuclear warhead, fit it on an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) and ensure its re-entry in the atmosphere after the launch.

Under the campaign, high-level party executives and ordinary North Koreans alike are subject to screenings to determine if they have engaged in non-socialist activities, such as gambling, fraud, prostitution, usury, visiting fortunetellers, following Western culture, and watching or distributing foreign visual media.

"If I were them, I would try", he said.

"North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un just stated that the "Nuclear Button is on his desk at all times".

President Moon must have been relived at the acquiescence of President Trump for the talks.

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-South Korean alliance, the party warned. It announced it had postponed its joint military exercises with the United States, an annual event that North Korea believes encroaches on their sovereignty, earlier this month.

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North Korea to go to South Korea's Olympics after talks