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New CCTV footage of suspected murderer in Zainab murder case

13 January 2018

CORRECTION: This story has been revised to give the correct number of girls who have been attacked and killed in Kasur, in eastern Pakistan.

Two protesters were killed on Wednesday after an angry crowd tried to storm the local police headquarters, and police opened fire.The Punjab government is offering a 10m rupee ($90,000; £67,000) reward for anyone who helps police find and arrest Zainab's killer, and has offered 3m rupees each to the families of those killed by police on Wednesday, the BBC was told.

Demonstrations were held in all cities between Faisalabad in the northeast down to Pakistan's southern metropolis of Karachi.

Zainab Ansari, 8, went missing last week while heading to a nearby home for religious studies. He said it could not be ruled out that the murders involved a serial killer. "In the previous incidents, the forensic evidence also determines it and the modus operandi of carrying out such acts also determines it", spokesperson of Punjab province - where Kasur is located - Malik Muhammad Ahmad Khan told reporters.

Four people have been caught in connection with the previous 11 cases and several suspects are now in police custody, he said, adding that their identities can not yet be revealed.

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A serial killer may have been behind the rape and murder of young girl in Pakistan whose killing sparked deadly clashes, an official said Saturday.

There were torture marks on her face and Zainab's tongue was crushed between her teeth, she said. CCTV footage showing her with a stranger near Peerowala Road has since gone viral.

Adnan said the kidnapper waited to dump the body after search parties took a break after four days of looking. The citizens of Pakistan complain that the Authorities are doing nothing to investigate similar cases, with child victims.

The horrific case has triggered public outrage throughout the country with people demanding justice for the child.

New CCTV footage of suspected murderer in Zainab murder case