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Mudslides And Flooding Kill 13 In Southern California

13 January 2018

A family of five was also rescued with their two dogs from the rooftop of their house in Carpinteria.

Near their property, a least two homes were carried off their foundations by the force of the mudslides - and as bulldozers began to clear muck and debris from areas already searched by rescue teams, utility crews have started trying to fix downed power lines and snapped telephone poles.

Areas in Santa Barbara and Ventura counties were those hardest hit and hundreds of people are awaiting evacuation.

Officials said people in the Romero Canyon neighbourhood of Montecito were cut off after a massive debris flow blocked the road into the area.

Footage Oprah shared on the site included flames that were burning due to a nearby gas leak, while another video showed the star walking through her backyard with wellington boots on.

Lowe posted on Twitter that he was "preparing for whatever may come".

Winfrey's home survived the storm and mudslides.

Police use rubber bullets to disperse EFF H&M protesters
The site reports that police eventually had to intervene, firing off rubber bullets to make the protesters scatter. Disoloane also issued an ultimatum to the shop management, demanding that they force H&M to close.

Both local authorities and the U.S. Coast Guard were involved in response operations throughout the day Wednesday, including helicopter rescues and attempting to retrieve residents trapped inside their homes.

That number has now officially risen to 17. The Catholic school's headmaster Michael van Hecke said Mr Rohter's wife had been injured in the mudslide.

"Right now, our assets are focused on determining if anyone is still alive in any of those structures that have been damaged", Brown told CNN affiliate KCAL. This type of soil can not absorb water as easily, making the region more vulnerable to mudslides during heavy rains-such as the ones that dumped five inches of rain on parts of Santa Barbara and Ventura counties this week.

He said it was likely they would find more people amid that destruction. Bearing down on the same parts of Southern California blackened by those devastating wildfires.

Burned vegetation and charred soil create a repellent layer which prevents this rainwater from being absorbed.

At least 13 people were killed in southern California on Tuesday as heavy rains triggered floods and dense mudslides that destroyed homes and property.

Mudslides And Flooding Kill 13 In Southern California