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Missouri governor admits affair, accused of blackmailing woman with photo

13 January 2018

Libla is circulating a letter among his colleagues after a report on Wednesday by KMOV-TV in St. Louis that Republican Governor Eric Greitens had an affair with his hairdresser in 2015, allegedly tied her up, blindfolded her and threatened to blackmail her if she revealed the affair to anyone.

The affair was "a deeply personal mistake", the Greitens' statement said. Greitens and his wife released a statement acknowledging the affair but, he denies some of the more salacious allegations made by the woman's ex-husband, including blackmail. The names of the woman and her ex-husband were not released.

Greitens has strongly denied the blackmail allegation.

For Greitens to survive politically, it's vital that the facts remain exactly as he said - that he had an affair and nothing more, said several Republican political consultants with decades of experience.

The ex-husband says he's now releasing that recording to protect his family.

That bill did not pass, but as governor, Greitens a year ago signed into law a bill that critics said would make it almost impossible for Missourians to win discrimination suits.

Democrats and Republicans both recruited him as a possible candidate, and in 2015, after years as a registered Democrat, Greitens switched parties to make a successful run for governor.

The rumors had been churning for weeks as the woman's ex-husband told KMOV his marriage was shattered because of the relationship between his wife at the time and Greitens, whom he called a "homewrecker", according to KMOV. But when he told her, "I want you to come over" to his house, she first said no.

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On Thursday evening, Kimberly M. Gardner, the circuit attorney for the city of St. Louis, released a statement saying that she has made a decision to launch a formal investigation into the allegations against Governor Greitens.

"Eric took responsibility, and we dealt with this honestly and privately", the statement continued.

Eric Greitens Founder and CEO, The Mission Continues speaks at the Robin Hood Veterans Summit at Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum on May 7, 2012 in New York City. McCann Beatty said it's unfortunate that Greitens didn't address the concerns of protesters in St. Louis, who took to the streets after a white former police officer was acquitted in September in the 2011 shooting death of a black suspect.

He thanked "God's mercy" for helping his wife Sheena forgive him.

According to KMOV, Greitens has admitted to having an affair but has not confessed to the other allegations. "But for those who can find it in your heart, Eric asks for your forgiveness, and we are grateful for your love, your compassion and your prayers". "The outrageous claims of improper conduct regarding these nearly three-year-ago events are a lie".

"People accused of these egregious acts do not get to waive off the scrutiny of law enforcement simply because they are in a position of power", Senate Minority Floor Leader Gina Walsh and Assistant Minority Floor Leader Senate Kiki Curls said in a joint statement. "I want the media and those who wish to peddle gossip to stay away from me and my children", Sheena Greitens said in a separate message.

The governor's lawyer told Inside Edition the governor denies a picture was taken and says he didn't say what's attributed to him on the tape and claims there was no attempt at blackmail. She declined an interview request from the Post-Dispatch. This is a three-year-old personal matter that presents no matters of public or legal interest. "This was a consensual relationship that lasted multiple months and was years ago before Eric was elected governor".

Missouri governor admits affair, accused of blackmailing woman with photo