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JJ Redick 'not entirely convinced' dinosaurs existed on Earth

13 January 2018

Sure, it's possible the C's guard was approving Redick's willingness to question "universal truths", but given Irving's history, would anyone be surprised if he also thinks dinosaurs are fake? I'm not a scientist. Redick, of course, questioned Irving about his controversial flat-Earth beliefs, but the true stunner of the episode came when Redick said he's "not entirely convinced" that dinosaurs roamed the (round) Earth. Instagram, that noted scientific journal.

"When I said it, though, I had been watching a whole bunch of Instagram videos", Irving said. Most recently, Irving was asked for his thoughts on the shape of the Earth shortly after the Celtics touched down in London for a game against the 76ers on Wednesday. But there is growing concern about the recent prevalence of such unscientific conspiracy theories. "That's it. I'm not trying to convince everybody that the world is flat". You know what I mean?

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It's still highly probable that Irving is just trolling all of us because at this point, he has taken this whole thing to a certain point and it would be pointless to stop now and walk back his comments. "Like, just, different things, and I know you saw 'Loose Change, ' but some of the things that happened before that insane attack, like you think back on history and I'm just like, 'Man.' And they've gotten it to the point - and of course people will be like, 'Who's they?' Everyone who has basically controlled us, so ..." But if you're someone who has seen the insane world that exists on Instagram, you shouldn't blame Irving for subscribing to the less popular theory about the planet we live on. "For me, it's just giving everyone a chance to do their own research and find their own knowledge, rather than just having knowledge shoved to you".

JJ Redick 'not entirely convinced' dinosaurs existed on Earth