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Hyundai Shows Off New Fuel Cell Vehicle At CES

13 January 2018

Automaker has revealed the name of its new fuel cell vehicle Hyundai has revealed the name of its next fuel cell vehicle.

On Monday, the South Korean automaker, Hyundai, introduced its latest auto model at CES 2018 in Las Vegas.

Hyundai claims the Nexo will go up to 370 miles between charges, taking just five minutes to charge up.

"We call this the next future utility vehicle", Hyundai Vice President, Ki-Sang Lee, said. It has a smaller but more powerful 95-kW fuel cell battery alongside a 40-kW battery pack. The Nexo has also been developed specifically to work in extreme weather conditions, being able to start up within 30 seconds in cold conditions, which Hyundai says is an industry best. This comes as a disparate step in the automobile market because most market players are focusing on accentuating the production of electric cars rather than energy-powered models like Nexo. Nexo features a voice command system, artificial intelligence, and can be switched into an autonomous auto.

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Built on a dedicated vehicle architecture, it measures 4671mm long, 1859mm wide and 1631mm tall, making it 262mm longer, 38mm wider and 25mm shorter than the ix35 Fuel Cell. In the NEXO, the powertrain is smaller than the one in the Tucson. However, Hyundai has said that its design allows for more passenger space, improved aerodynamics, acceleration, and efficiency. It would be interesting to see the response of the competitors to this distinguished move by Hyundai.

The Nexo will be available in selected markets early this year - there's no word on pricing yet, or indeed if it will even come to the UK. Aside from California, the auto will most likely be available in South Korea, Australia, and a number of European countries. Hyundai also added that the vehicle will play an important part in their 18 eco-friendly vehicles by 2025 plan.

If you had the chance, would you try a Hydrogen fuel cell-powered vehicle?

Hyundai Shows Off New Fuel Cell Vehicle At CES