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Florida House of Representatives passes legislation concerning federal immigration laws

13 January 2018

Three House members are running for attorney general, and Speaker Richard Corcoran is expected to run for governor. "Of course you can't", said Rep. Evan Jenne, D-Dania Beach.

"Are we really trying to just serve up red meat in an election year? This isn't some academic exercise", Corcoran told members Tuesday. "When politicians abandon the rule of law and abuse their power - when they pick and choose what laws to obey - there are dire, dire, consequences".

The bill - the first one passed in the 2018 legislative session - requires state and local government agencies to comply with enforcement of federal immigration law, forces local governments. It would impose fines of up to $5,000 a day on local governments that refuse to cooperate with immigration detainers. "I do not support them, they are out of bounds". "We'd be fools to say we did not believe in immigration. This is about lawful immigration and the rule of law".

Democrats argued the bill is unconstitutional, unworkable and would lead to racial profiling. "Knowing this rule of law is unjust".

The bill has been passed by the House in previous years, but has never passed the Senate. The bill's sponsor, State Rep. Larry Metz, R-Groveland, conceded on Thursday that the state would likely be sued if the measure were to become law. "This bill is about following federal immigration law, not the whims of a President". But it did because of the misguided policy that was enforced.

Jacquet said, "I don't see any court in this state or in this country upholding this piece of legislation".

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Rep. Bob Cortes, R-Altamonte Springs, however, said he had no qualms about voting for the bill and was never pressured by Corcoran or House leadership.

Meanwhile, the measure faces an uphill battle in the Senate: it hasn't had a single hearing yet.

Florida House of Representatives passes legislation concerning federal immigration laws