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East Coast locked in cold weekend of sub-zero temps

13 January 2018

The weather service issued wind chill warnings for various days this weekend for parts of Vermont, New York, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Maine and New Hampshire.

From New England to OH, weather warnings have been issued including for Pennsylvania, while the National Weather Service warned of freezing rain in Missouri and areas to the northeast. The following tweet from January 3 depicts the snow storm over palm trees in Charleston, South Carolina, which are already weighted down by a substantial accumulation of precipitation. On Friday, more than 1,300 United States flights had been cancelled by the afternoon, majority at the NY area's three major airports and Boston Logan International.

The National Weather Service said the highs Saturday afternoon were to be around 20 to 30 degrees below average in many locations, and daily temperature records were expected to be broken.

"Based on the latest forecasts, overnight temperatures should go below zero degrees over most of New England with perhaps even some 5 to 10 degree numbers all the way into North Carolina". Wind chills will be brutal this weekend, with some areas in the Northeast feeling like it is -40.

In Burlington, Vermont, people battled temperatures of minus 18C and a wind chill of minus 34C.

It's the perceived temperature that people and animals feel when exposed to the elements.

"As wind increases in speed, it increases the rate of heat loss on your body making you feel colder than it actually is", Van Dam said.

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And when the wind chill registers below minus 50, it would take only five minutes for exposed skin to develop frostbite.

In one of the latest fatalities attributed to the weather, a vehicle slid off an icy road, killing a pedestrian early on Friday in North Charleston in the southeastern USA state of SC, city officials said.

Outside Boston in the northeastern state of MA, a state Water Resources Authority worker collapsed into a snow bank while shoveling snow and died on Friday.

In Virginia, two died in the aftermath of a snowstorm this week, including a girl struck by a pickup truck while sledding and a 75-year-old man hit by a snow-plow while clearing the business parking lots, said local authorities. The storm also led to coastal flooding in areas around New England.

Video from a resident of Hull, just to the southeast of Boston, showed the icy mess inundating one street with water above the wheel wells of cars and coming up to the doors of homes.

On Thursday, the tide at Boston Harbor matched its record at 15.1 feet - previously set during the blizzard of 1978.

The storm flooded streets in some communities in coastal MA, turning roads into slushy rivers.

East Coast locked in cold weekend of sub-zero temps