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Daisy Ridley talks about a romance storyline for Rey

13 January 2018

What could be an even more surprising revelation would be if Rey identified the connection she shared with Kylo Ren (Adam Driver), something that was hinted at in The Last Jedi, as a romantic one.

But even beyond that, as Ridley herself pointed out, there's something lovely and wonderful about deep friendships.

"We're both big fans, one of the reasons why I think he put me in the movie was because we hit it off talking about that". I don't think in films you always need a romantic relationship, and I think friend relationships can be romantic in their gestures and intimacy and all of that.

Not to knock the shippers of Star Wars - Stormpilot is, to me, not only a cool portmanteau but also a ship I would be happy to see fly among the stars in canon - but we're pretty sure Daisy Ridley is over the idea of a relationship for Rey in Episode IX, thanks to some footage found by Star Wars News Net. All of the characters were in very different places that they were in at the start of the movie.

Daisy Ridley
GETTYShe's been incredibly hard at work since her breakthrough in 2015

If the new trilogy is seeking to break the mold of the previous films, having the main female lead not be a romantic character would be a definite change of pace.

In fact, the friendship (or friendzoneship depending on your perspective) between Finn and Rey in The Force Awakens was great and told us a lot about each character as we got to know them and that bond has continued. Of course, if there's one thing that The Last Jedi taught us, it's that not all seeds grow as we expect.

Trevorrow's script was tweaked and overhauled throughout the two years he was involved with Episode 9 - largely because of the tragic and unexpected death of Carrie Fisher, whose Leia Organa was meant to have a starring role in his film. Romance is a part of Star Wars. She may just be thinking that Rey and Poe do not have to instantly find love in Episode 9.

Throughout much of The Last Jedi, Finn's devotion to Rey persisted, putting her safety ahead of his allegiances to any organizations, all while he was unknowingly growing closer to Rose (Kelly Marie Tran).

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Daisy Ridley talks about a romance storyline for Rey