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CES 2018 | Alexa Is Becoming More Mobile

13 January 2018

What this means is that if you own an Alexa or Google Assistant-compatible device, you will be able to control your TiVo DVR using your voice.

Realizing it has a bit of catching up to do and possibly may need to redefine the ground rules, Google this week put the consumer electronics world on notice that this no longer is a one-horse race.

Google has plastered digital billboards and the Las Vegas Monorail with the "Hey Google" wake-up command. The technology was packed into a variety of smart home products, ranging from speakers and radios through to lamps and vacuum ...

The number of people who received a new smart spaker during the holiday shopping season was very high according to the report, 7% say they acquired at least one smart speaker between Black Friday and the end of December.

Google, as one would expect, is quite anxious about Amazon's continued dominance in the market.

And the market for smart devices is exploding, even with warnings that "the internet of things" is notoriously insecure.

Until now, it seemed like Google was playing catch-up with Amazon.

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Apple a year ago announced plans to launch a high-end HomePod speaker, but it mysteriously delayed the launch. This is a much more attractive device than the Echo Show (or the other Google Assistant equivalents announced at CES 2018), and boasts similar functionality. There is no news yet on the projected future of the Google Assistant, but fans are expecting more information in the coming months. With Amazon Alexa considered to be the leading assistant for the smart home, Google's been forced to demonstrate that Assistant is growing too. Lenovo's Smart Display, for instance - our Best IoT/Smart Home award victor this year - pairs the AI technology with two different sizes of touchscreen, aiming to conquer a place on the kitchen counter that until now might have been home to an Amazon Echo Show.

CES 2018 is officially under way and Google has set up camp. The new Samsung Family Hub Smart refrigerators are expected to be available by Spring 2018.

In addition to the Blade's innovative display, it also has everything it needs to function as a standalone wearable, complete with a built-in CPU running a customised version of Android, 8-MP camera, 4GB of storage and a microSD card slot, wi-fi, and a mic and touchpad for controlling the device. "The risk with adding a display is that you're making it a little close to being a computer", he said. This could reduce usage of Google's core services.

According to PCMag, the integrations will work a little differently, depending on whether you're using Alexa or Assistant.

"We'll have to see how that works out", Google's Scott Huffman, a Google VP, said.

Amazon's Echo devices keep an audio recording of every voice command issued to Alexa. You can also use the device to check for recipes and also make video calls with its inbuilt front camera. The only thing that remains of the project are enterprise-only models focused more on assisting business complete specialised tasks than expanding the tech as a whole.

CES 2018 | Alexa Is Becoming More Mobile