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Botswana demands clarification on Trump's 'shithole' remarks; Summon US ambassador

13 January 2018

"President Trump is not a racist".

Special status given to about 59,000 Haitian immigrants, protecting them from deportation following the 2010 quake, will end next year following a Trump administration ruling last month. "Let's not judge the president on what he says".

He said Trump was "either misinformed or miseducated about Haiti and its people" and urged him to brush up on the Caribbean nation's history, noting that Haitians fought alongside Americans during the American revolution and abolished slavery years before the United States.

In Nigeria, one resident in Lagos told Reuters "calling [every] African country shithole is really, really, very bad and I think every African country should just learn from this and probably just stay in their country and work with their resources". The Trump administration is ending those protections for people from Haiti, El Salvador and Nicaragua, and suggested it will do the same for Hondurans. "I have a wonderful relationship with Haitians". Haitian Americans interviewed about the president's remarks said the comments diminish their roots, their families' sacrifices and their accomplishments in this country. "Probably should record future meetings - unfortunately, no trust!"

To wit: Trump has claimed he objects to the lottery program because it admits terrorists, but he still objects to the deal reached on it because it still allows people (those with TPS) from the wrong countries, the "shithole" countries, to remain.

The administration announced past year that it would end a temporary residency permit program that allowed almost 60,000 Haitians to live and work in the the wake of a devastating 2010 quake. We're not only "a nation of immigrants", as the saying goes, we're a nation defined by immigration in a way no other nation is.

The sources spoke on condition of anonymity because they weren't authorized to publicly describe the conversation.

Trump to issue final Iran deal waiver, officials say
The pact is underpinned on the USA side by a presidential waiver of nuclear-related sanctions on Iran's central bank. USA officials and others familiar with the administration's deliberations told the Associated Press that Mr.

A group of "extremely appalled" African countries demanded today that US President Donald Trump retract and apologise for his reported denunciation of immigration from "shithole" nations.

But the White House later rejected it, plunging the issue back into uncertainty eight days before a deadline that threatens a government shutdown. I want safety and security for our people.

"It is not as if the United States doesn't have difficulties". Trump didn't answer this or any other question shouted by reporters about his remarks. If that's how you felt, there was no doubt who your choice was: He's the guy who opened his campaign saying Mexicans are rapists, proposed banning Muslims from entering the country, and wanted to build a wall on our border.

"When he says good things about the folks that ran over people in Charlottesville, Virginia, and when he panders to the radical right white supremacist of America, he has now become them".

For his part, Trump that an emerging bipartisan DACA deal was "a big step backwards" and Democrats were "not interested in life and safety".

He was referring to January 19, when funds for operating federal agencies expires. Some Democrats are threatening to withhold their votes - which Republicans will need to push that legislation through Congress - unless an immigration accord is reached.

Botswana demands clarification on Trump's 'shithole' remarks; Summon US ambassador