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What should be expected at this year's CES?

12 January 2018

Sony, Samsung, LG and Panasonic will all be lugging their premium screens to Las Vegas.

Another tech firm incorporating artificial intelligence is HiRide, which will introduce a mountain bike suspension system capable of interpreting road conditions for the objective of providing a smoother ride.

It opens its doors on Tuesday, but the major tech firms are gathering to release their latest products on Monday.

One of the most curious devices arriving at CES will be presented by Miliboo, a company that has been working on a smart sofa that collects information about television viewing habits and correlates them to the posture assumed by viewers during specific programming.

The auto companies, which in years past figured prominently at the show if largely to highlight aftermarket products, are expected to highlight work with autonomous vehicles. CES will include special zones for sports and medical technologies as well.

The galloping popularity of devices that respond to the sound of our voice will have a ripple effect on the smart-home market, spurring consumers to experiment with a host of new "smart" products - from connected thermostats, WiFi-connected security cameras, smart locks and doorbells and the like.

Samsung via CNN               Samsung's 146-inch TV called The Wall.      
     					Samsung via CNN    
     Samsung's 146-inch TV
Samsung via CNN Samsung's 146-inch TV called The Wall. Samsung via CNN Samsung's 146-inch TV

CES to its friends - is a sprawling and overwhelming blur of booths, press events, demos and gadgets.

Past year one of the big headlines was how the Internet of Things brought everything together with the explosive growth of the connected home. With 4K resolution now becoming more mainstream, and dropping in price, this year's push is 8K resolution. For the first time, CES is dedicating an area to smart city technology. This uses a new technology branded Micro LED, which uses individually lit LED pixels, without the need for backlighting.

They will sit alongside basic sets that work just fine for regular viewing.

While there may not be launches of flagship smartphones from big daddies like Apple and Samsung, like previous years, the place will see lower-cost Android phones, along with laptops, tablets, and other personal computers. At the same time, Amazon offered a set of tools created to help other companies build Alexa into their own devices. Tech companies including LG, Samsung and Microsoft use the worldwide show to wow the public with new gadgets. Network-equipment makers, for instance, might use the show to display technologies for next-generation 5G wireless networks, which promise to be much faster than the existing 4G LTE.

"Twenty years ago, people bought products sold at retail stores in very defined categories", he said.

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What should be expected at this year's CES?