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LG Shows Off 65-Inch OLED TV That Rolls Up

12 January 2018

Users, LG said, will let viewers use their voice to pull up info about actors on screen, weather forecasts, stream music and set timers for when the TV is to be turned off, and implement other TV-controlling functions.

CES 2018 has just started but companies have wasted no time in announcing their latest technology.

LG will also unveil its new 88-inch OLED TVs for the first time during the show, according to insiders. We're assuming this means the TVs will also offer HDMI 2.1, which is necessary for connecting components compatible with HDR10+, though the company didn't mention that specifically. Aesthetically, the TVs don't differ from the 2017 range, but internally they've received a healthy bump in specifications.

Over the new few days in Sin City, LG is going to show off an OLED prototype display that can be rolled up like a newspaper.

The E8 is a direct parallel to the E7, and brings the W8's technology to a more conventional TV.

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Needless to say, LG hasn't revealed the pricing or release dates of any of its 2018 TVs. LG officially unveiled its new TV tech for this year back on January 2nd, detailing that its new TVs would be coming with a new processor inside to power all the functionality, called Alpha, which is created to offer a range of improvements over the older processor used in previous TVs.

Those with long memories will recall that LG actually showed off a rollable TV screen at CES 2016, but there was one key difference: at 18in, it was smaller than most computer monitors, and wasn't ready for prime position in the living room. As the TV rolled itself up and returned to full size, we didn't notice any trade-off in the screen's quality.

Call buying is nothing new on Universal Display.

To complement this announcement they have also announced an upgraded version of its Crystal Sound tech (seen in Sony's OLED TVs) that embeds speakers directly into the screen. You can use the built-in Google Assistant to control third-party smart devices.

The Alpha 9 processor also features high-frame-rate support up to 120 frames per second, removing judder or motion blur for high-action content like sports.

LG Shows Off 65-Inch OLED TV That Rolls Up