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LG Pay US launch date confirmed

12 January 2018

Alphabet has consolidated Android Pay and Google Wallet, rebranding the merged entity into Google Pay. Google Pay is a new payment service that was just announced in a blog post by the Vice President of the Product Management for Payments division of Google. The goal is to make it easier for consumers to use the payment information saved to their Google Account to speed through checkouts.

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Recently, Google rolled out its "Pay With Google" feature that upgrades the traditional checkout process to make online purchases faster across services such as Google Play, YouTube, and Chrome. Not only does it have to compete with Samsung in South Korea, but its market penetration in the U.S. is meager compared to Samsung and Google. During the coming weeks, consumers will begin to see Google Pay online, in store, and across Google products. Android Pay was supposed to launch here at some point of time but then Google chose to launch a market-specific app called Tez here instead. Much like "Pay With Google", developer information for Google Pay has also been released. The NFC component is used for more modern payment terminals, while the magnetic part is used for older cash registers, according to Phone Arena. Google also wants a more seamless transition for people so that they will be more likely to use mobile payments. Since apps that are Google-branded already have support for Google Pay, the hope is that other apps will soon begin supporting this payment option. We'll update this article when and if we hear back from the company. While CES was ongoing half a world away, over at Korea LG revealed its plans to bring its existing LG Pay system to the United States by the middle of 2018 but with a confusing name change. So tell us in the comments if you are happy that Wallet and Android Pay are now consolidated into one payment tool?

LG Pay US launch date confirmed