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Aanchal Thakur: Accolades For India's First Skiing Medallist

10 January 2018

She won the medal in Alpine Ejder 3200 Cup organised by Ski International Federation. India opens account by a first ever medal in skiing. The competition was organised by Federation Internationale de Ski (FIS), the worldwide governing body for skiing. It was held from January 6 to January 9. Thakur trained for months and her hard work finally bore fruit in a very delightful manner. "I started well and managed to take a good lead, which helped later in getting the third-place finish", Aanchal was quoted by The Times of India as saying.

Aanchal Thakur, who belongs to a small village in Manali, won a bronze medal at the prestigious event.

Initially her father taught her ropes and later Heera Lal - a former Olympian, honed her skills. Aanchal's journey to a bronze medal was mostly financed by him, or the FIS, which on occasions funds her trips. Meanwhile, her father, Roshan Thakur who is also the secretary-general of the Winter Games Federation of India (WGFI) said that this could be the breakthrough for the sport in India.

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"The bureaucrats in the sports ministry do not acknowledge skiing as a sport", Roshan told TOI. He hopes that Aanchal's win will help the sport get more recognition and more financial support from the government.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday congratulated the Manali girl for her feat, stating the entire country was ecstatic for her historic accomplishment. In his post he wrote, he said, "Well done @alleaanchal for winning an global medal in skiing!"

The event was organized by the Federation Internationale de Ski (FIS), skiing's global governing body.

Aanchal Thakur: Accolades For India's First Skiing Medallist