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You Can Now Pre-Register for 'HQ' on Android

27 December 2017

The bad news is that its full release has been slightly delayed in favor of a limited Android beta, Business Insider reported.

There's almost double the number of Android smartphones in the United States as Apple ones, which means the floodgates of headquarters hell are about to open by January 1st.

HQ Trivia, the alarmingly popular trivia app which increasingly threatens to take over our reality, has been iOS-only since its mid-October launch. Filling out the pre-registration form doesn't mean that the app will automatically be installed on your Android phone or tablet once headquarters is available for the platform.

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Quizz show app HQ Trivia is getting ready to expand to Android: HQ Trivia, which has been a hit on iPhones in recent months, will be publicly available for Android users on January 1, the company announced this week. What it does mean is that you'll receive a notification when the time has come to install the app on your mobile device. Instead of the game launching around Christmas on Google Play Store, it will be a week later than anticipated. You only get 10 seconds to answer the question, eliminating the Googling and the asking a friend cheating parts. Like with most other games, the questions start off really easy.

As numerous reports have indicated, headquarters is currently shopping around Silicon Valley for venture capital funding, so it stands to reason that the company is looking to fill the app with as many daily active users as it possibly can-an easy feat for now, though we'll be curious how long the headquarters craze might continue. The more who play, the bigger the cash prize becomes but also the chances of many people splitting that money becomes higher.

Some have attempted to build complicated image-recognition systems that automatically run HQ's questions through different Google searches. If the pot is split, you can still win hundreds of dollars.

You Can Now Pre-Register for 'HQ' on Android