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Confirmed: Apple Throttles iPhone Performance, But Not For The Reason You Think

23 December 2017

It also explained why users could notice some older iPhone models slowing down, saying "Our goal is to deliver the best experience for customers, which includes overall performance and prolonging the life of their devices".

When Apple released iOS 10.2.1 in January 2017 code was included that addressed unexpected reboots on iPhone SE, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6s phones.

The feature, which slows performance to demand less power, has been extended to iPhone 7 handsets with the latest iOS operating software and will be added to other Apple products "in the future", the spokesperson said. The statement drew widespread reactions on social media.

Cupertino-based tech giant, Apple, has raked up a new controversy after news of it intentionally slowing down old iPhones emerged.

Two class-action lawsuits have been filed against Apple after the company admitted it purposely slows down older iPhones in order to preserve the battery.

The Chicago Sun-Times reported that the suit was filed in Chicago by two people in IL as well as by Ohio, North Carolina and in residents with iPhone models 5 through 7.

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Another lawsuit against Apple has been filed in IL by five people, reported The Chicago Sun Time.

Attorney James Vlahakis, on the Chicago federal lawsuit, also reiterated Stefan Bogdanovich's point that this strategy is used as a marketing ploy by Apple to sell iPhone variants each year.

Apple design of handsets makes it borderline impossible for people to change batteries themselves.

Now Apple has responded to the findings that have been making the rounds online, explaining why it's slowing down iPhones. That being said, the decision to keep the battery confined is often made to prevent the dangers of cheap, third party batteries that customers might unsuspectingly purchase into without realising the danger it poses. Poole wrote that he believed Apple chose to limit the phones' performance when battery condition declined. "Instead, Apple appears to have obscured and concealed why older phones were slowing down". He said he thinks Apple should have disclosed that a software update could affect the phone's performance so consumers would have known replacing the battery was a possible solution.

Apple hasn't commented on the case.

Confirmed: Apple Throttles iPhone Performance, But Not For The Reason You Think