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The Predator is coming to Ubisoft's 'Ghost Recon Wildlands'

14 December 2017

Ghost Recon Wildlands fans will come face-to-face with iconic movie monster The Predator in the new The Hunt event DLC for PS4, Xbox One and PC. The Ghost Recon Wildlands Predator DLC and Predator Event will both be starting tomorrow, December 14, on all platforms.

Details are thin beyond that, however Ubisoft is hosting a livestream later today at 9am PT/6pm GMT where more on The Hunt event will be revealed.

So this week (beginning on December 14th) they'll be kicking off a special Predator PvE challenge event for a limited time, ya know, with the super stealthy alien hunter from comic and motion picture fame? Players will also get the Predator's trademark wristblades, but we don't really know what else will be available. After all, there's one moment in the footage that shows the camera resting behind the Predator for just a quick moment while its prey runs around the jungle spraying bullets indiscriminately, intimating the feature's availability. All players will be able to face off against the Predator in either solo or four-player co-op combat. Ghost War players will be able to access the new class through the Ghost War Pass or the Season Pass, or by using their Prestige Points directly. However, defeating the being rewards players with exclusive items, including the Predator's mask which allows users to see in "Predator vision".

Face off Against The Predator in Ghost Recon Wildlands Event
The Predator is coming to Ubisoft's 'Ghost Recon Wildlands'

Ghost War, the free PVP mode for Ghost Recon Wildlands, will also get a Predator-inspired addition: A new class of soldier inspired by Dutch, the protagonist from the original movie, who can engage a battle rage mode to tip the scales in his favor. You can see a trailer for the Special Challenge below.

Wildlands' in-game store offers the Predator Pack which has 15 new customizable items inspired by the first Predator film. Either way, hopefully the mode will be fun and challenging, provided that whoever gets the role of the Predator will be good at it.

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The Predator is coming to Ubisoft's 'Ghost Recon Wildlands'