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PUBG seems to have a lot of trouble running on Xbox One

14 December 2017

Digital Foundry has released a video that explores the frame-rate issues found in the Xbox One and Xbox One X version of Playerunknown's Battlegrounds, and their findings are a more scientific version of what we stated yesterday: The game's performance isn't great.

Before showing you the analysis of Digital Foundry it is important to note that PUBG is a launch of the Game Preview program, so it is a game that is still under development and it is very likely that in the future a patch that improves its performance will come.

PUBG is not and was never meant to be a powerhouse of graphics. The game's frame rate can be a bit problematic though, given that it's locked at 30 fps (frames per second) the Xbox One version is quite choppy at times. As with all competitive shooters, frame rate is everything because you need to be able to react in a split second, and frame rate seems to be the core issue at the moment. "In order to get accurate metrics from like-for-like scenarios on base and X hardware, we set-up a small squad and played together on the same server".

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PUBG on Xbox One is more of a straight port than we thought, as evident by what you get when you plug in a keyboard. Cross-platform play will also be a likely consideration given the game's massive player base.

On the Xbox One, gamers are faced with low-resolution textures and overall poor performance, with significant stuttering and lengthy periods below 20 fps. Both titles are now in an early-access form and are constantly being improved and optimized. On average, the Xbox One X rendering at 4K offers a 5 to 10 fps advantage over the Xbox One rendering at Full HD (1080p) in "like scenes".

PUBG seems to have a lot of trouble running on Xbox One