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Muslims in Asia rally against Trump's Jerusalem move

14 December 2017

Tillerson's comments came as thousands of Palestinians demonstrated across the West Bank, Jerusalem and Gaza against the United States policy shift. The airstrikes were retaliation for a rocket attack from Gaza.

Violence In Jerusalem Follows Trump's Decision To Recognize City As Israel's Capital Palestinians demonstrated and clashed with Israeli troops in protest of President Trump's declaring the USA recognizes Jerusalem as Israel's capital. Israel considers all of Jerusalem to be its capital. It merely recognized that at least western Jerusalem - the part of the city that was under Israeli control from 1949 to 1967, prior to Jerusalem's unification during the Six-Day War - was part of Israel and its capital.

Now in fact, everybody knows that Israel has no intention of ever giving up Jerusalem as its capital, and that it is too strong for any combination of Arab countries to force it to do so. In the past, Israel has imposed age restrictions at Jerusalem's Temple Mount compound where violence often erupts during tense times. Nikki HaleyNimrata (Nikki) HaleyHaley: "Open question" if USA athletes will attend Olympics amid North Korea tensions Haley: Trump isn't deciding who controls east Jerusalem Emergency UN Security Council meeting called after Trump's Jerusalem announcement: report MORE said following Trump's speech that the not weighing in on whether Jerusalem is indivisible, as Israel claims. And since the Old City, the heart of Jerusalem, was now part of Jordan and exclusively Arab in population, all the embassies stayed in Tel Aviv.

The Islamist group Hamas, meanwhile, has called for an uprising against Israel.

Mr Trump's announcement - met with worldwide dismay - reversed decades of U.S. policy on the sensitive issue. Jerusalem has been one of the biggest stumbling blocks in the quest and it was widely believed that a solution would be reached in the peace process negotiations. "The UN has done much more damage to the prospects of Middle East peace than to advance them".

Nurul Hidayah Mesari, a student, compared Jerusalem to the holy Muslim cities of Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia, saying "it's as if those places were occupied as well, that's our feeling". "And hopefully the ultimate goal, I think, of all those parties is to reach a peace deal. The world will rise against the United States". "I'm not saying that they aren't, but I'm not aware of them". The U.S. approach has been that Jerusalem's status should be negotiated between the Israelis and Palestinians.

Officials in the region said Trump's decision ended any pretense that the United States could be an evenhanded broker in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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In Feb., U.S. President Donald Trump backed away from a decades-long policy of supporting a two-state solution in the Middle East.

Nor, he said, has the USA government made a decision to print passports or maps with the terminology "Jerusalem, Israel". The a permanent member and has veto power over the council.

"We have to acquire a site, we have to develop building plans, construction plans, as you point out, ensure we get the authorizations - although I do not anticipate any difficulties getting those authorizations".

The U.S. Embassy in Jordan said it had "temporarily suspended routine public services" and that "all embassy travel outside Amman, both official and personal, has been prohibited until further notice".

Also on Saturday, a presidential source cited by Reuters in Ankara said Turkey's President Tayyip Erdogan and French President Emmanuel Macron would work together to try to persuade the United States to reconsider the move.

Acting Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs David M. Satterfield also said "in consular practice there is no impact", and said the subject of changing official USA government maps would be discussed in due course.

There were also anti-U.S. rallies in Muslim-majority Pakistan Thursday, including in the cities of Islamabad and Peshawar.

Muslims in Asia rally against Trump's Jerusalem move