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Higgins cosponsors Save Net Neutrality Act

14 December 2017

The FCC will vote on Chairman Ajit Pai's "Restoring Internet Freedom Order" on Thursday, which would repeal the FCC's 2015 net neutrality rule, which regulated the internet as a public monopoly.

"One might expect a federal agency to harbor a great deal of concern when faced with strong evidence of a massive fraud uncovered by multiple sources", he said in a letter to FCC general counsel Thomas Johnson Jr. The trade group Internet Association also said they will consider legal options.

OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) - A day ahead of a vote by the Federal Communications Commission on a plan to undo the country's net-neutrality rules, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee said Wednesday that he and other state leaders will take steps to protect consumers regardless of the outcome. And even though the FCC plans to try and squash states from making their own net neutrality rules, Hansen believes the FCC doesn't have the authority to stop them without Congressional approval.

Pai's plan has been praised by the telecom industry, which argues the earlier regulation was a drag on broadband investment and innovation.

Here's a look at what the developments mean for consumers and companies.

On Tuesday, three dozen Democratic Senators made a last-minute plea for Pai to abandon what they called a "reckless plan". "Given all the tainted comments, I'm asking the Federal Communications Commission to delay the vote".

Many comments for and against net neutrality rules are identical because advocacy groups urged people to sign form letters, so the text of a comment alone isn't enough to determine if it was submitted by a real person.

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"We need to build our own infrastructure and rethink internet service providing and access in order to reach those people who have been traditionally left out and marginalized", activist Diana Nucera says in the video. It received millions of comments during a review period, with the majority supporting the current protections.

"Millions of fake comments have corrupted the FCC public process-including two million that stole the identities of real people, a crime under NY law", Schneiderman said in an announcement today. "Or, it must give less weight to the public comments submitted which also undermines the process". "The public record it's using to justify the rollback of #NetNeutrality is a corrupted mess and the agency isn't doing anything about it". Phone and cable companies say the regulations are unnecessary and that they already support an open internet. He accused Twitter in particular of silencing conservatives.

Rosenblum and the others add that the planned net neutrality repeal has "far-reaching implications for the everyday life of Americans", and requires "the utmost integrity of the administrative process".

Summary: On Thursday, the FCC will vote on whether or not to end net neutrality.

Schneiderman's office started investigating fraudulent comments about six months ago, but says the FCC has refused to turn over key evidence.

Before you run to the nearest hardware store to start building your own network, politicians, celebrities and activists have a message: call your representative in Congress and call members of the FCC, and urge them to save net neutrality. "I certainly would not rule that out".

Higgins cosponsors Save Net Neutrality Act