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Priyank's girlfriend Divya exposes him and Puneesh is happy

08 December 2017

The video starts with Akash approaching Arshi's bed after the lights went out, and she jokingly telling him not to come to her but sleep next to Shilpa.

Arshi's father asks her to change her hairstyle.

When her father left, Arshi accused Shilpa of looking at her father as if he were her enemy.

Bigg Boss is convincingly India's one of the most controversial TV Shows, for its fumes and fights, there is no replacement in terms of conflicts.

Puneesh Sharma's father, Arshi Khan's father, Vikas Gupta's mother, Shilpa Shinde's mother and Priyank Sharma's girlfriend Divya entered the house today. He told Hina Khan that she talks too fast, while to Luve Tyagi, he said that his luck has been favouring a lot. He tells Vikas that he is the mastermind, and to Arshi he tells that everyone wishes to meet her. On the second day of the captaincy task, Hina Khan got miffed with Hiten Tejwani for supporting Vikas Gupta. He also asks her to respect Salman and to call him "Salman sahab or Salman sir".

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As soon as Shilpa's mother enters the house Hina tries to guess as to who it is.

He then repeated his actions, leaving her even more enraged.

However, tonight's Bigg Boss 11 promises a few really emotional moments. A report on TOI suggests that Shilpa was very hospitable towards Vikas's mother and took care of her. He then moves on to Akash Dadlani and says that he is Puneesh's good friend inside and outside the BB 11 house. Shilpa's mother asks her as to what she prepared, but she tells that she is out of kitchen. His father praised all the housemates and told everyone to be nice to each iother and play well Divya Agarwal breaks up with Priyank Sharma Priyank Sharma's girlfriend Divya Agarwal, who had been a co-contestant with him on a previous reality show, gave him a shocking news. Even her boyfriend has a similar thing to say. "That's why she's getting cornered in the house". Now, with Luv and Priyank, who also vacillate between camps, Hina has the strong answer to counter Vikas's plotting.

"I feel one should not comment on her seeing her behaviour inside the house". She asks Luv his age and he tells her he's 23.

Priyank's girlfriend Divya exposes him and Puneesh is happy