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Fade to Silence Braves the Elements Next Week

08 December 2017

Game studio Black Forest unveiled Fade to Silence as a new survival game where you battle monsters in very bad weather. "The dynamic weather system adds to the immersion of survival in a cold, corrupted world". It's described as "a more personal game-experience than a survival game", according to THQ Nordic and developer Black Forest Games. By clicking the website, we're being sent to THQ Nordic's official website so yeah, this is official. The game is post-apocalyptic and takes place in a ruined future, with the trailer showing the protagonist guiding a sled team of huskies as he avoids falling rusted cars as he passes derelict space shuttles.

The game will feature a dynamic weather system that forces players to fearless the harsh elements.

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As development continues, Black Forest Games promises "We are planning to regularly update the game content throughout Early Access, as well as features we believe will make the game even more enjoyable and richer".

If anything Fade to Silence feels more reminiscent of something like State of Decay, as it looks like the game is single player only and tasks players with coordinating their followers' resource management. With a reveal set for just two hours from now, likely at The Game Awards, it seems to have leaked a little early on its Steam page and is called Fade to Silence (via Polygon). The Game Awards livestreams tonight at 5:30 PM PST.

Fade to Silence Braves the Elements Next Week