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Some Destiny 2 activities now unavailable without DLC purchase

07 December 2017

As a result of that, vanilla players can no longer access them.

Curse of Osiris raises the power level cap from 305 to 330, and naturally that means the game's stiffest challenges are being buffed to challenge powered-up players.

Endgame content in Destiny focuses on raids and the Nightfall strike, as well as the more challenging "Prestige" versions of those activities.

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One of the key post-campaign activities for Destiny 2 players to check out after finishing the new Curse of Osiris DLC expansion's campaign are Lost Prophecies. From here, you can craft the first of the new Vex weapons-check out one we got above. This will be addressed tomorrow via the weekly Bungie blog update.

It seems like the heroic strike playlist is locked just because it's a feature that's new to Curse of Osiris. What's ironic is that many hardcore Destiny players have been calling for a lower time-to-kill (TTK) in PvP. As one player pointed out, "I've can't remember ever playing an MMO or game other than Destiny that literally takes things you've been doing since launch and put them behind a DLC paywall when a new expansion launches". Obviously a tried-and-true method of getting Exotics is through Public Events, but you should also be completing your Milestones, as these Luminous Engrams can sometimes reward you with Exotics.

Some Destiny 2 activities now unavailable without DLC purchase