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Sia Opens Up About Exposing Maddie Ziegler to Fame

07 December 2017

Sia has defended her collaborative relationship with the 15-year-old dancer Maddie Ziegler, following accusations that she may be exploiting a young girl while shielding herself from the glare of the spotlight.

The piece raises the issue that Sia is stepping away from the limelight only to put a youngster directly into it, thus placing someone else in the media's eye as she attempts to evade it.

The Australian artist acknowledged it's a question she has "often" asked herself since Ziegler, now 15, achieved worldwide stardom thanks to her roles in Sia's music videos.

Sia might hide her face - but she isn't hiding her feelings.

'Up on the stage in Sydney on Saturday, with Furler concealed and Maddie in the spotlight, it seemed that the superstar was deploying a child in a way that she herself refuses to be.

She continued: "With their children, clients, charges. And as she said, it's a conversation we should all be having".

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In a later tweet, "The Greatest" singer also acknowledged that teenagers "cannot, or should not be charged with making sound choices".

Sia pointed out in her tweets that Ziegler was famous before the two began working together, but she admitted that she intensified the teen's fame and feels a sense of responsibility for that. One person wrote, "I've enjoyed the Sia-Maddie Ziegler combo". I feel very protective of her and my goal is to empower her in whatever choices she makes. But I think this is an important conversation'.

Yet the video for Elastic Heart, which co-starred actor Shia LaBeouf, caused a stir when people criticised the singer for sexualising the then 12-year-old starlet alongside a grown man. "Not just myself but all directors, stage parents and agents".

"What I learned from Maddie is that fame affects her differently than how it affected me".

Posing on a beach in front of Rangitoto before the concert on Tuesday, Ziegler told her followers she was "a little bit obsessed" with New Zealand. "If that changes, we stop", she added.

Sia Opens Up About Exposing Maddie Ziegler to Fame