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NY flight to Seattle forced to make emergency potty break

07 December 2017

A direct flight from NY to Seattle become indirect when the toilets stopped working and the plane had to stop in Montana for a bathroom break.

On Dec. 2, a Delta Air Lines flight from NY to Seattle was forced to divert hundreds of miles for an emergency bathroom break in Billings, Mont., because of problems with the plane's toilets, according to the Aviation Herald, which reports flight and aviation incidents worldwide.

We've all been there: Needing to "go really bad", without a toilet in sight.

The crew diverted the flight to Billings when they were about 200 miles away from the airport.

The aircraft then taxied the runway while there were "passengers that needed to find a lavatory very urgently".

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The scheduled six-hour flight made the bathroom stop in Billings, Montana at around 6pm local time (1am GMT) on Saturday (2 December).

The Delta fliers needed to relieve "built-up pressures" after the plane's bathrooms stopped working.

Ground crew members in Billings led the passengers into the airport terminal, Kevin Ploehn, the airport's director, told the Billings Gazette. The plane was also refueled so it could take off again, he said. "That's why the flight was diverted", the FAA said in a statement. "That can't be very pleasant".

A year ago an OpenSkies transatlantic flight from just outside NY to Paris was diverted to Shannon Airport in Ireland after a "serious problem" with the Boeing 767's aircraft rendered them unusable.

NY flight to Seattle forced to make emergency potty break